Credits to all the people who made the songs in the album (A Very Mogul Christmas), and to the contributors that helped in making this website possible :)

Mogul Christmas Team (the team that produced and sung the songs in the album).

Ludwig Ahgren

Main Singer


Sung in Baby It's Cold Outside

Project Contributors (People that helped make this website a success :)

Thanks to all our project contributors, your work and help is really appreciated.

Want to be a contributor and be on this list too? Check out the Issues section of this project repo on GitHub and see if you can help out with anything.

Kendall Pinto


Ali Raza

Jeff Bucher



Divya Kelaskar



Project Founder, Owner

Commits by KendallDoesCoding


Contributed majorly in the project

Commits by TechStudent10

Ali Raza

Contributed majorly in the project

Made it so that, the github repo icon if tapped, will the project repo in a new browser window.

Move the lyrics from the HTML file to lyrics.js in the lyrics directory.

Added darkmode to main and lyrics directory/page.

Added a Christmas Day message to display to users on the site on Christmas Day.

Apply darkmode to other projects directory/page.

Commits by Ali Raza


One-time Contributor

Fixed CSS problem in "Other Projects" directory.

Commits by JeffBucherDev

Bibhav Shah

One-time Contributor

Leave space between buttons in main directory.

Commits by Bibhav Shah


One-time Contributor

Helped setup AllContributors bot to the repo and taught KendallDoesCoding (Founder, Owner of the project) how to use the bot.

Commits by Kira

Divya Kelaskar

One-time Contributor

Added PR template to project GitHub repo.

Commits by Divya Kelaskar

Samy Berkane

One-time Contributor

Helped with Background not displaying on phone/small screen size.

Commits by Samy Berkane

Singers/Bands/YouTubers whose songs/videos are in the "Songs You May Like" directory.

Bryan Adams

Singer of, Must Be Santa

Rick Astley

Singer of, Love this Christmas

Bobby Helms

Singer of, Jingle Bell Rock


Band to cover/remix, Joy To The World

Band to cover/remix, Frosty The Snowman

Band to cover/remix, Mary, Did You Know?

Isaac Watts

Singer of, Joy to the World Original

Arthur Warrell

Singer of, We Wish You a Merry Christmas

Sam Smith

Singer of, Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas

The Ronettes

Singers of, Frosty The Snowman

Singers of, Sleigh Ride

Michael Bublé

Singer of, Frosty The Snowman (Cover/Remix)


Video - I Got The Biggest Streamers To Sing In A Christmas Concert


Video - Singing The TOP 10 Most Popular CHRISTMAS SONGS

Video - One Guy, 5 Christmas Songs

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